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Symbolic winegrowing sculpture arrives in Central

An intricate wood and stone sculpture depicting the strong relationship between two Pinot noir growing regions, Burgundy and Central Otago, has arrived safe and sound from the other side of the world.

Links between the wine growing regions of Burgundy and Central Otago have been established for some time but more recently have been cemented through the Central Otago Burgundy Exchange programme.

In acknowledgement of the friendship and close ties between the two regions, Burgundian winegrower Jean-Michel Jacob conveyed the story of the two regions through his other passion, sculpture. The artwork, crafted on a barrel head, was unveiled in Burgundy as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Central Otago Burgundy Exchange held at the end of last year.

The sculpture has now made the 12,000km journey to Burgundy’s antipode, where it was carefully unpacked by Jacob’s son, Tim, who is one of this year’s Central Otago Burgundy Exchange students. Also included in the shipment were 8 other Cadus barrel heads with the signatures of many of the exchange partners.

As Nick Mills, Rippon and co-founder of the Central Otago Burgundy Exchange states, “The sculpture portrays both the essential differences and commonalities between the two regions.

“Stagiaires from Central Otago gain insight from the centuries of attention to specific vineyard sites, how they have been codified and the enormous history and respect for tradition is something that a person from a very young country like New Zealand cannot fully appreciate until being fully immersed amongst it.

“Conversely, Burgundians come to Central Otago and find a place that does not have the detailed geographical and political overlays, a relatively blank canvas as it is free of the sort of constraints the Burgundians have grown used to. The sculpture reflects these aspects in form and materials. “

The Central Otago Burgundy Exchange allows for upcoming viticulturists and winemakers from the two regions to gain knowledge of alternative techniques and to be exposed to different wine cultures. To date, almost 80 stagiaires have participated in the exchange programme.

The sculpture will go around Central Otago wineries and be present at special regional events over the next three years, before travelling back to Burgundy.



From left Tim Jacob and Nick Mills with the artwork that Tim’s father Jean-Michel Jacob sculptured in Burgundy to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Central Otago Burgundy Exchange.


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