Central Otago Vineyards & Wineries

From West to East the Sub Regions are:


Alexander / Clyde VineyardsGibbston is a narrow valley enclosed by mountains where about 250 hectares of vines are planted on sloping, north facing land on the south bank of the Kawarau River. Gibbston is the coolest and highest of the sub-regions with vineyards between 320 and 420 metres altitude.
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Alexander / Clyde VineyardsWanaka, the smallest of the sub-regions has vineyards planted between the shores of Lake Wanaka and the town of Luggate to the east. At 290 to 320 metres above sea level the vineyards have a similar but slightly warmer climate than those at Gibbston.
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Alexander / Clyde VineyardsThe Cromwell Basin contains the largest concentration of vines in an area bounded by the Kawarau River, Lake Dunstan and the Pisa mountain range. It is a warm, early ripening district dominated by semi arid, flat to undulating high terraces and moraines and gently sloping fans.
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Alexander / Clyde VineyardsBannockburn on the southern banks of the Kawarau near Cromwell is a very warm, dry district where grapes ripen early on sandy, silty loam soils. The altitude here ranges from 220 to 370 metres in an area known by miners as “the Heart of the Desert”.
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Alexander / Clyde VineyardsBendigo, lying east of the Clutha river and Lake Dunstan has both intermediate (220 metres) and higher terraces (330 to 350) planted in grapes. This warm area has semi arid, variable depth, free draining soils at the lower levels with shallower soils higher up.
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Alexander / Clyde VineyardsFramed by the Clutha and Manuherikia rivers regularly records New Zealand’s hottest summer temperatures. Spectacular schist outcrops dominate the arid landscape and a wide diurnal shift moderates the high temperatures.
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